Long Live Peace

A longterm international multimedia project roaming the globe for the remnants of war. Showing what’s left behind when the soldiers disappear and with them the cameras and eyes of the world. Erik Hölperl spent three years, traveling through Vietnam, Yugoslavia and Germany. A slow passed but head-on journey, from the haunting concentration camps in Germany right to picking up bullet shells of the srebrenica massacre in Bosnia.

A testiment for peace produced by members of the generation that grew up in peace. Curious and terrified by the prospect of another war Long live peace shows the reality of war torn countries, and the people who have to deal with consequenses on a daily basis. Former soldiers, civilians, social workers, victims share their stories.

Stories about poverty, suffering, grief, denial, but also hope, peace and a deeper understanding about life.

He captured those moments and transformed them into short films, photographs, installations and interviews, that have been published and shown around the world. He continues to speak out for peace on stage and directly to students in schools.