Erik Hölperl is specialized in creative concepting and visual communication for corporate clients, organizations and events. His work has appeared in the media around the globe as a peace builder, artist and creative director. His strong commitment to consider global issues formed his critical thinking and resilience to creatively make an impact. He is also a part of the artist collective «Center for Political Beauty» and the former personal student of marketing legend Oliviero Toscani.

Clients (selection)

Nike | RedBull | Benetton | Bauhaus | Interrail | IXS | S-Oliver Offgridtech Solar | Diakonie | Rave on Snow | NineNetwork TV MDR TV | Mamapapacola | 3 Essen | Marzocchi | Studio51


International full-service film production | International full-service photo production | CD / CI development | Public Relation Magazine / book production / Concept | Marketing development | Event management | Public speaking | Coaching / Consulting / Workshop | Product development | Exhibition design

Short CV (Full CV on demand)

Bauhaus University graduate (communication design) Wholesale and Foreign Trade Manager (Sales / Marketing) «Friedrich-List» Business High School graduate